Rochester YNN television new item:

The George Eastman House is undertaking a project to highlight 25 people who make Rochester a better place to live and work.The Eastman House is working with photographer Gary Schneider to capture images of all of their hands -25 in all.

Schneider is well known for his darkroom portraits. He says an image of a person's hand tells that person's story. One of the people for the project was Rochester Amerk Hall of Famer Jody Gage. Gage says to be selected as one of the 25 people humbling.

"It is truly an honor, and the whole experience was a pleasure and it's kind of humbling to be part of this, but just to be in the Eastman House and of course a famous photographer and just to be part of this is truly an honor," Gage said. The Eastman House will submit the prints into the house's fine art collection.